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I'm not giving Sports Clips the negative review, I'm leaving this review for the stylist that cut my hair. I have always enjoyed getting my haircut at Sports Clips, but my latest experience was hands down the worst. The stylist was named Morgan, and let's just say she was a bit much. She gave me a high volume of anxiety, and truly did not care for how I wanted my hair cut, only cared how she wanted to cut it, even though I'm the customer. All she talked about was how great she was at doing a fade, and this and that, meanwhile she wasn't paying attention and buzzed a BALD SPOT on the top right side of my hairline. She mentioned she was new and my thoughts are always, "it's just hair, it'll grow back," but this stylist gave me so much anxiety that the next time I go to this location will have to be a Thursday because that's the only day she doesn't work. Not only that, but she was extremely offensive with her language and definitely didn't know her audience/customer very well. During the hair wash of MVP treatment, which typically I enjoy cause of that **** tea tree, she proceeded to share a story and utilize the word "n***a". Yes, I am not stretching the truth, or fabricating what she said, she stated that her clients needed to "chill n***as", and at this point I was speechless. This was the last thing I wanted to hear during my haircut, and it proved that the stylist Morgan was not only uneducated for her use of the word, but showed a lack of cultural understanding for thinking she has the privilege/right to use a word that no Caucasian male or female should have in their vocabulary. Needless to say, I wasn't pleased with my experience, and uncomfortably had to pay for my haircut and left with a hairstyle that I didn't want, because what I wanted was irrelevant to her. I for one think the tenure of this stylist's (Morgan - with the braids) employment should be evaluated, and a firm discussion should be had on professionalism in the workplace. I also would love a refund, as I am not happy with my experience, and continuously felt uncomfortable with every word that came out of her mouth. I would love to hear from the store directly, and their plans to resolve this issue, as they should be concerned with this employee and her reflection on the company. A bit of advice Morgan, every customer has a unique background with how they were raised/grew up. Even though the color of ones skin maybe the same as yours, the culture in which they grew up in could be completely different. You were so comfortable with saying the word "n***a" because you were cutting the hair of a white male and thought it would be funny or cool, but your ignorance showed tremendously. I was offended by your comment, and I want you to understand that key piece. I do hope as your grow in your professional career you understand that every customer's background is different, and although the customer may be Caucasian, doesn't mean they don't have African American family members, or grew up in a culture that predominantly African American. Please please please, never use that word again, also understand that the customer is spending money for a haircut they want, not a haircut you want. The customer doesn't care what you want Morgan, they just want you to do exactly what they're requesting and don't want to be offended throughout the process. Sincerely, Unhappy Customer

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Trace V. | June 27, 2018 Stylist

"I'm not giving Sports Clips the negative review, I'm leaving this review for the stylist that cut my"